Women in Leadership

Leverage the talents of more leaders

As women, we know that we experience work differently, and we have the opportunity to bring our unique skillsets to move organizations forward.  A recent McKinsey report highlights the need for women-only leadership programs where women benefit from psychological safety in a group of peers and how these programs not only improve the skills of the participants, but they also provide an opportunity to assess and improve the entire workplace. 

Our Women in Leadership program inspires women to leverage their strengths, overcome hidden hurdles, and achieve their career goals. Through an innovative curriculum based on the latest research and our experience coaching leaders over the past 20 years, women will learn how to become the leaders they were meant to be by strengthening their four Cs: Confidence, Connection, Competence, Courage, and Credibility. 


  • Leverage the talents of diverse leaders
  • Create an inclusive and high-performing culture
  • Improve gender diversity
  • Increase the talent pool for key leadership roles
  • Develop high-potential women
  • Transform your organization

Why Clients Choose

“We continually strive to invest in our team and leaders. I couldn't be more pleased with this valuable investment provided by Leadership Excelleration."

Valued Client, Senior Leader

Our Women in Leadership (WIL) program is designed by women for women.  As a certified women owned business, our team has over 20 years’ experience empowering women at all levels to achieve success.

innovative curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the latest research, including topics and individual assessments designed to bring out the best in every leader.

Transformational Results

We know that organizations need results, and so our program integrates both hard and soft skills to build competencies that will move organizations forward and transform leaders to meet the challenges ahead.

Program Design

Personalized Assessments

Deepen self-awareness through assessments designed specifically for advancing women leaders.

1/1 Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions focused on relationship building, cultural understanding, aligning expectations and operational leadership with an experienced coach, in-person or virtual.

Leader Sessions

Ongoing sessions with the leader’s manager to integrate feedback and ensure progress.

Vision Creation

Develop and articulate goals and a vision for the future aligned with the organization and culture.

Why Invest in Women in Leadership?

"Reflective organizations are able to transform themselves into truly inclusive workplaces—women-only leadership programs help them get there."

Mckinsey Quarterly, 2019

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