Culture Development

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” --Peter Drucker

Culture is the personality of your organization. It is made up of the signs, symbols and language people use and how work gets done.  Research continues to support that culture matters.  If it is healthy, it can be a competitive advantage and improve performance.  Yet, if it is unhealthy, it can create a toxic environment that decreases performance and increases attrition.  Generation Z, entering the workplace now, also prioritize culture as key to deciding where to work.

At Leadership Excelleration we are passionate about creating cultures where people thrive.  We know that leaders set the tone and so we work to develop leaders who create and shape positive cultures.  Our Culture Development consulting has transformed cultures from stagnant, set in their ways or toxic, to positive, flexible and innovative.  Culture change doesn’t happen overnight but in incremental steps.  Let’s see how we can move you forward.


  • Define the optimal culture for the organization
  • Identify values and behaviors to support the culture
  • Embed positive culture in processes and practices
  • Remove any toxicity and replace with positivity
  • Reduce conflict and increase innovation

Why Clients Choose

"After completing the Organizational Culture Development program, each department had a mission they focused on, now we talk and live the mission together. It is clearer and more consistent message for our donors."

Vice-President, Nonprofit
Relational Transformation

We focus on relationships and envision a better future. We combine the power of our transformational culture development program, with deep industry expertise to assess and design cultures where people thrive. 

Research & Collaboration

Each engagement is based on comprehensive integrated research and action process for understanding the organization, assessing the culture, vision, mission and values, and collaborating to create a specific plan to generate results. 

Sustainable Results

Our clients trust us as their partner in success because we work with them to create the type of culture that inspires leaders and teams to be their best.

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