Talent & Succession Planning

“I believe that every person has talent.” - Maya Angelou

We agree that every person has talent and leadership is about bringing out the best in everyone.  Unfortunately, the challenge with many talent and succession planning approaches is that they rely on outdated methods that are static and inflexible.  With today's workforce and employee expectations rising, organizations need a more flexible and adaptive approach.

Leadership Excelleration has a unique approach to Talent and Succession Planning consulting that leverages innovative concepts from project management, infused with our human resources expertise to develop an agile approach to Talent & Succession Planning.  We partner with clients to understand their organization and apply these key principles for long-term success.  Let’s talk about how we can move your strategy forward.


  • Identify key talent
  • Create a plan
  • Develop leaders at every level
  • Improve culture
  • Achieve results

Why Clients Choose

"Personalized, research-based leadership development is hard to find. The Leadership Excelleration team brought a level of professionalism and expertise to (our) School District that was second to none."

Valued Client, K-12 Superintendent
Extensive Expertise

Our extensive HR and cross-functional expertise allow us to share best practices across industries that ensure success.  We have worked with for-profit and nonprofit organizations of every size to develop approaches that meet their needs.

Agile Approach

Using the most innovative concepts from successful IT implementations, we apply these with our extensive experience in human resources to develop plans for organizations that make talent a core competitive advantage.

Future Focused

Organizations must achieve results to survive, so our talent and succession planning consulting provides a flexible plan that leverages the talent of today to plan for the changing needs in the future.