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K-12 Education

Preparing K-12 educational leaders for the future ahead.

Key Challenges

K-12 educational leaders are facing challenges, such as:

  • Shifting perceptions and support from parents and the community
  • Pressure to improve student test scores and learning outcomes
  • Attracting, retaining, and engaging teachers and staff
  • Creating a positive culture and avoiding burnout
  • Limited leadership development opportunities

Outcomes for K-12 Leaders

K-12 education leaders are facing significant challenges as they navigate many issues and societal shifts in how parents support and partner with educators in helping student succeed.  Leadership Excelleration has consultants who have worked in senior-level roles within school districts (Superintendent & Principal) and teaching. 

We understand that typical leadership programs can be ineffective because they do not account for the unique context within K-12 education, so we have developed customized services through our years of experience in K-12 education. Here are just a few of the core outcomes superintendents, principal, staff, and teachers experience:

  • Create a multi-year leadership development plan
  • Improve collaboration across the district
  • Develop and implement a strategic plan
  • Identify high-potential talent and create succession plans
  • Increase leadership skills and reduce turnover

K-12 Education Services

Leadership Excelleration provides our clients with unique mindsets, skillsets and toolsets designed to empower leaders to achieve success in K-12 education.  We have extensive experience developing superintendents, principals, school boards, teachers and staff in ways that build positive cultures and transforms schools.  We offer K-12 leadership programs, along with integrated coaching and consulting specifically for K-12 education. Our multi-year school district strategic leadership program provides a unique value to school districts.

  • Superintendent & Principal Coaching
  • Cabinet & Staff Team Development
  • Onboarding K-12 Leaders
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Leadership Foundations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Culture Development

Focus on Values & Strengths

When I started working with my Executive Coach, I knew that I had the challenge of leading a large and diverse academic unit. She helped me to think about how to clarify my ideas and to communicate effectively using my leadership profile and skills. Her advice is never generic advice that would apply to any dean--instead she starts from an understanding of our institution, our values, and my strengths assessments. She has also helped me to bring an awareness of how to empower my leadership team to bring additional skills to support our unit. In the time that I've worked with my Executive Coach, I am much more confident and effective.

Valued Client Dean, University of Dayton