New Riff Distilling

Vice President of Operations

Hannah Lowen

R.J Beischel Building Co.

Vice President

Victor Kolb

Monti Incorporated

Cincinnati Sales Manager

Andy Ceddia

Kutol Products Company

Continuous Improvement Coach

Rosalie Purvis

Furniture Fair

Project Manager

Joshua Yauger

USI Insurance Services

Director of Operations

Julie Duke


Vice President of Product Development

David Mackenzie

Leveraging Strengths

Josh Ashley Beavercreek City Schools

Some leaders thought a certain DiSC profile felt that due to their personality profile it didn't make them fit for a leadership position. What was learned is that there is no one personality profile that make leaders, rather it's tapping into your personality strengths and leaning on those as a leader. We were pleasantly surprised about how very different we are a group when it comes to DiSC profiles, but it makes sense how we thrive as a collective group because of our diversity.

Absolute Pleasure to Work With

Patti Vande Werken Senior Consultant Leadership and Talent Strategy

We are so grateful for the work that Leadership Excelleration has provided to us over the past year. The Onboarding program has made such an impact, on so many levels here. From the development and planning stages, to the administration and implementation, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with your entire team.

Honest, Direct & Committed

Valued Client Superintendent

The Leadership Excelleration team is honest, direct and is truly committed to making every leader they work with better.

A Resource for Leadership Development

Valued Client Senior Leader

The team at Leadership Excelleration is wonderful! They are caring, dedicated and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend them as a resource for leadership development!

Focus on Values & Strengths

Valued Client Dean, University of Dayton

When I started working with my Executive Coach, I knew that I had the challenge of leading a large and diverse academic unit. She helped me to think about how to clarify my ideas and to communicate effectively using my leadership profile and skills. Her advice is never generic advice that would apply to any dean--instead she starts from an understanding of our institution, our values, and my strengths assessments. She has also helped me to bring an awareness of how to empower my leadership team to bring additional skills to support our unit. In the time that I've worked with my Executive Coach, I am much more confident and effective.

More In-depth Knowlege

Valued Client Senior Leader

Each of our team members that participated found true value in this. Some realizing what was already inherently known, but just laid it out in a more in depth and thoughtful manner. While others it brought to light things they didn't realize, but upon thought and conversation made total sense.

Every Leader Benefits

Valued Client Executive Leader

Every member of our leadership team benefited from our experience with Leadership Excelleration. Most impressive was their ability to pinpoint the needs and growth opportunities for each individual on our team and then work collaboratively to coach and develop skills to maximize our leadership capacity.

Personalized & Research Based

Valued Client Superintendent

Personalized, research-based leadership development is hard to find. Thankfully, I discovered Leadership Excelleration. Diane and her team brought a level of professionalism and expertise into the Mariemont City School District that was second to none…

Valuable Investment

Valued Client Senior Leader

We continually strive to invest in our team and leaders. I couldn't be more pleased with this valuable investment provided by Leadership Excelleration.

Improve Ownership

Robert Killins, Jr. Director of Giving Strategies, GCF

We see the work we do with donors or community projects as a product of the entire foundation, not just an individual. Our ownership and engagement has dramatically improved. The Culture Development program gave us a shared language for enhancing our culture.

Exceptional Onboarding

Valued Client Circleville City School’s

Thank you for this wonderful onboarding experience! Looking forward to the work ahead! Go Tigers!

Strengthen and Grow

Valued Client Kentucky Kingdom

Very helpful with refreshing my memory and helping me to strengthen and grow skills that I have used for many years

Immense Experience with Culture Change

Joe Moorman Director of Strategic Projects

LEI’s immense experience with organizational culture change and leadership development have been integral in supporting key initiatives with our partners. Diane and her team design and customize innovative culture change strategies and resources that will have a lasting impact. We would not be making considerable progress without their guidance, support and leadership.

Learned Practical Strategies

Natasha Adams Superintendent, West Clermont Local School District

Working with Leadership Excelleration as a new superintendent has given me a chance to have my thinking challenged and has provided time and space to reflect. Learning practical strategies to build trust, increase collaboration, coordinate work and monitor progress from the executive team level has been critical to building a strong foundation and team mindset in our district.

Improve Message for Donors

Phillip Lanham Vice President of Donor Relations, Greater Cincinnati Foundation

After completing the Organizational Culture Development program, each department had a mission they focused on, now we talk and live the mission together. It is clearer and more consistent message for our donors.

Hands-on Guidance

Mark Miles Previous Superintendent, Indian Hill Exempted Village School District

The hands-on guidance from LEI was significant and helpful. The facilitation from Diane and Brent in multiple aspects of the planning process allowed us to discuss various directions and identify the most significant opportunities for improvement.

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