Leading Change

Successfully navigate transformation.

Gallup research finds that more than 70% of change initiatives fail.  Forbes, recently cited change management as the most critical leadership skill and Harvard Business Review confirms that leaders at all levels need to know how to effectively lead change.  We know that managing and leading change are important skills that leaders must have to move organizations forward.

Our Leading Change and Agile Leadership programs provide frameworks based on research and practice that will empower your leaders to move from managing and leading change to transforming your organization.  These practical step-by-step approaches and toolkits guide leaders through the system of change that creates high performing cultures.


  • Reduce resistance to change
  • Improve results through innovation
  • Remove barriers to change
  • Create a growth-focused culture
  • Transform your organization

Why Clients Choose

"The Leadership Excelleration team is honest, direct and is truly committed to making every leader they work with better."

Valued Client, Senior Leader
innovative Curriculum

We combine the latest research with practical tools that have been tested and proven effective over time in a variety of contexts that will teach leaders the skillsets, mindsets and toolsets they need to effectively manage and lead change.

Customized approach

Our deep cross-industry expertise and client outcome focus allows us to create a customized program using real-life examples that are relevant to your organization.

Transformational Results

We have worked with clients across industries to support their teams in effectively leading change that has transformed their leaders and organizations.

Program Design

Interactive Sessions

Customized for each client and facilitated by Master Facilitators to allow leaders to learn and practice, while building a strong internal network.

In-person or Virtual

Bring in-person, remote and hybrid teams together to learn and collaborate through in-person or virtual learning.

Project Completion Option

Clients may choose to provide a specific change initiative as an example for their team to use throughout the sessions, which allows for leaders to tackle real issues as they learn new mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets and build a plan to go forward.

Coaching Option

Individual and group coaching is the secret sauce that takes leadership development to the next level. Many clients choose this option to support their leaders needing to make significant changes.

Why Invest in Leading Change?

"A critical aspect of effective leaders today is the ability to lead change. Indeed, many would argue that the most distinguishing difference between people we identify as good managers, versus those we deem to be great leaders is that leaders are adept at bringing about change."

Joseph Folkman, Forbes

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