Executive Coaching

Maximize performance and sustain a positive culture.

Executive coaching is now one of the most popular leadership development tools and is becoming part of most competitive executive compensation packages. The latest research, explains why top executives, managers, and other leaders need executive coaching to maximize their performance and create positive cultures. Additional research has found that 76% of new executives indicate a need for more formal development processes, so it is particularly important to engage executive coaches who have experience at this level. 

According to a recent study by Manchester Inc, the average return on investment (ROI) in executive coaching is 6 times the cost of the coaching.  For women leaders, research finds that coaching is particularly important to their advancement.  Our individual or group Executive Coaching provides assessments, tools, knowledge, and skills executives need in their unique roles to maximize their effectiveness, achieve results, and build thriving work cultures.


  • Attract and retain talented executives
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Improve results at all levels
  • Create a growth-focused culture
  • Transform leaders and organizations

Why Clients Choose

"The Leadership Excelleration team is honest, direct and is truly committed to making every leader they work with better."

Valued Client, Senior Executive 

As servant leaders, we value relationships and research has shown that the coach and executive relationship is vital to success. Our coaches are experienced professionals who are also trained in the latest coaching methodologies. We build relationships with clients through respect, confidentiality, and trust.

Consulting Approach

Working seamlessly coaching behind the scenes above, between, and among senior leaders to navigate change, overcome obstacles, develop leadership competencies, and create positive cultures is our unique competitive advantage.


Our executive coaching team works with clients to develop the key competencies executives need across industries and organizations to achieve results.  We serve as trusted guides and a confidential sounding board to evaluate options and make difficult decisions.

Individual Program Design

  • Personalized Assessments. Executives gain self-awareness through assessments designed to meet their specific needs within their organizational context.
  • 1/1 Coaching Sessions. Meet 1/1 with a professional coach, in-person or virtual.
  • Leader Sessions. Ongoing sessions with the executive’s leader to integrate feedback and ensure progress.
  • Toolkits. Leaders receive proprietary tools to use based on their unique needs and situation.
  • Vision Creation. By the end of the coaching engagement, each executive will develop and articulate goals and a vision for the future.

Group Program Design

  • Personalized Assessments. Each executive gains self-awareness through assessments and group discussions. 
  • Peer Group Sessions. Meet with a group of peers within or outside of your organization to actively listen, share and learn with one another. These are facilitated by a professional coach and may be in-person or virtual.
  • Toolkits. Leaders will receive proprietary tools to use and work in groups through application.
  • Vision Creation. Leaders will work individually and receive feedback from their executive leadership group to develop and articulate goals and a vision for the future.

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