Leadership Onboarding

Set leaders up for ongoing success.

According to a recent survey, 1 in 10 employees have left their employer due to a poor onboarding experience, and with the cost of replacing leaders between 150 to 400 percent of the person’s annual salary, effective onboarding is worth the investment.  First impressions matter.  The first days, weeks and months of a leadership role will often determine if someone will fail or succeed. 

Fortunately, our Leader Onboarding program is designed to provide leaders who are new to the organization or new to a leadership role, with the skillsets, mindsets, and toolsets they need to create cultures where people thrive.  During this innovative program, leaders will learn how to build relationships, create a positive culture, improve performance, and cast a vision that takes their teams to the highest level.


  • Increase retention and reduce hiring expenses
  • Accelerate leader readiness to perform
  • Ensure leaders adapt to the culture
  • Establish a positive employer brand
  • Develop meaningful connections between teams

Why Clients Choose

"We are so grateful for the work that Leadership Excelleration has provided to us over the past year. The Onboarding program has made such an impact, on so many levels here. From the development and planning stages, to the administration and implementation, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with your entire team."

Senior Development Leader
unique model

Based on our Founders’ book, The Ascending Leader, and 20+ years of coaching executives and leaders at every level, our model addresses the biggest derailers for leaders today and guides them toward crafting a positive vision for the future.

customized Approach

We use our deep industry expertise and commitment to our client’s success to customize this program to ensure leaders will assimilate quickly and become an integral part of the organization.

faster results

By providing leaders a method to build positive relationships, assimilate into the culture, leverage their strengths to achieve goals, and craft a motivating vision for their team, new leaders move forward faster in achieving results.

Program Design

Personalized Assessments

Self-assessments focused on leadership styles and strengths to help new leaders understand themselves and how they can be their best.

Interactive Sessions

Customized for each client and facilitated by Master Facilitators to allow leaders to learn and practice, while building a strong internal network.

In-person or Virtual

Bring remote, hybrid and in-office teams together to learn and collaborate through in-person or virtual learning. Professional development is an excellent way to build connections.

Option for Coaching

Individual and group coaching by an experienced coach is the secret sauce that takes leadership development to the next level. Most clients choose onboarding coaching to support new leaders.

Why Invest in Onboarding New Leaders?

"If the transition succeeds, the leader’s company will probably be successful; nine out of ten teams whose leader had a successful transition go on to meet their three-year performance goals."

Mckinsey, 2018