High Potential Leadership

Retain and grow future leaders.

Retaining high potential team members is one of the biggest challenges many organizations face in what is being called the war for talent.  A recent survey from PWC found that 61% of CHROs say that hiring and retaining talent is a key area for investment.  High potential employees are particularly challenging to retain if there are not ample advancement opportunities at the pace they desire.   

The good news is that research has found that investing in high-potential employees will maximize organization’s returns.   Our High Potential Leadership program provides the opportunity for organizations to establish a competitive advantage as a growth-focused employer of choice.  We design the program to develop mindsets, toolsets and skillsets that keep your most talented leaders engaged and ready to navigate the complexity they are sure to experience in the future.


  • Retain high potential team members
  • Establish your organization as an employer of choice
  • Accelerate leader readiness
  • Sustain and improve results
  • Recognize leaders with ongoing growth opportunities

Why Clients Choose

"Every member of our leadership team benefited from our experience with Leadership Excelleration. Most impressive was their ability to pinpoint the needs and growth opportunities for each individual on our team and then work collaboratively to coach and develop skills to maximize our leadership capacity."

Executive Leader
Customized approach

We work with your team to design a program based on your organizational needs, that also serves as recognition for your high potentials and demonstrates your commitment to their success.

relationship focus

Our team knows the value of relationships, and so this program offers opportunities for high potentials to interact with senior leader and create meaningful connections across the organization.

Transformational Results

A meaningful project specific to the organization may be embedded within this program, allowing high potential employees to demonstrate competencies within a supportive learning environment.

Program Design

Personalized Assessments

Self-assessment focused on leadership styles and strengths to support leaders in understanding themselves and how they can be their best.

Interactive Sessions

Customized for each client and facilitated by Master Facilitators to allow leaders to learn and practice, while building a strong internal network.

In-person or Virtual

Bring in-office, remote and hybrid teams together to learn and collaborate through in-person or virtual learning.


Individual and group coaching is the secret sauce that takes leadership development to the next level. 

Project Completion Option

We work with clients to choose a specific project for the high potential leaders to tackle as they learn new mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets.

What Clients Say

"The team at Leadership Excelleration is wonderful! They are caring, dedicated and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend them as a resource for leadership development!"

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