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Higher Education 

Developing higher education leaders who succeed.

Key Challenges

Higher education leaders are facing challenges, such as:

  • Leading through the demographic cliff expected between 2025-2027
  • Increased competition and consumerism in higher education
  • Pressure to create new programs and shift modalities
  • Limited leadership development opportunities.
  • Need for new revenue and funding sources
  • Faculty and staff reluctance to change

Outcomes for Higher Education Leaders

Higher education leaders are facing significant challenges as they navigate the need to change, while maintaining their commitment to educating students prepared to make a difference in the world.  Leadership Excelleration has consultants who have worked in senior leadership roles (Cabinet level/VP/Enrollment/Dean) and who teach in colleges and universities.  We understand that typical change management processes and approaches do not work in higher education. We provide our clients with unique insights into developing leaders who can transform their organizations while honoring their unique shared governance structure.  Here are just a few of the core outcomes university presidents, provosts, deans, faculty and staff experience:

  • Identify strategic opportunities and lead incremental change
  • Improve administrator, faculty, and staff collaboration
  • Develop leader and leadership team effectiveness
  • Successfully transition faculty to leadership roles
  • Identify new revenue and fundraising sources

Higher Education Services

Leadership Excelleration has extensive experience developing university presidents, boards, deans, and leadership teams who are equipped to successfully lead within higher education.  We offer leadership programs, integrated administrator, faculty and staff coaching, along with consulting designed specifically for higher education. Our assessments and tools are created to develop academic leaders who are equipped to move colleges and universities forward.

Immense Experience with Culture Change

LEI’s immense experience with organizational culture change and leadership development have been integral in supporting key initiatives with our partners. Diane and her team design and customize innovative culture change strategies and resources that will have a lasting impact. We would not be making considerable progress without their guidance, support and leadership.

Joe Moorman Director of Strategic Projects