Leadership Foundations

Develop transformational leaders.

Great leaders are not born, they are developed.  Investing in leaders pays off with increased employee engagement, retention, and performance.  According to research, 75% of employees have left an organization due to their manager.  Fortunately, employees also stay because of effective leaders who continually develop their skills and create cultures that allow their team members to be the best version of themselves. 

0ur Leadership Foundations program equips leaders at every level with the skillsets, mindsets, and toolsets they need to succeed.  With the power of individual and group coaching, combined with facilitated sessions by Master Facilitators, your team will grow and perform like never before. 


  • Attract and retain talent
  • Upskill new leaders and develop existing ones
  • Reduce conflict and improve culture
  • Demonstrate organizational commitment to growth
  • Level up talented leaders 

Why Clients Choose

"Personalized, research-based leadership development is hard to find. The Leadership Excelleration team brought a level of professionalism and expertise to (our) School District that was second to none."

K-12 Superintendent
Customized Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the latest research, including assessments, and content customized for each client to bring out the best in their leaders and teams.

Expert facilitation

Our team of Master Facilitators have deep industry and broad leadership experience, which allows them to integrate instruction, discussion, reflection, with real-world learning and practical application.

Transformational Results

We work collaboratively with each client to set and achieve goals that move people and organizations forward to achieve transformational results.

Program Design

Personalized Assessments

Heighten self and team awareness by understanding styles, strengths, and connections between team members.

Interactive Sessions

Learn, practice, and build new skillsets through in-person or virtual sessions led by one of our Master Facilitators.


Achieve actionable results through individual and group coaching embedded within the program, which is the secret sauce to our successful leadership programs.

In-person or Virtual

Bring in-office, remote and hybrid teams together to learn and collaborate through in-person or virtual learning.

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