Culture Development

Create a culture where people thrive.

Culture is defined as a system of beliefs, habits and social norms that make a community distinct from others.  Within organizations, we know that leaders create cultures.  A recent HR Daily article outlines three reasons why your organizational culture matters because culture (1) affects performance (2) makes recruitment easier, since over 70% of workers say they consider organizational culture before they accept a job offer and (3) impacts employee turnover since it influences your brand because employees share their work experiences with others. 

Our unique Culture Development program provides a comprehensive culture assessment along with a series of interactive learning sessions to support and inspire leaders to develop positive cultures. Leveraging the tenants of a high performing culture, from alignment and collaboration to empowerment and innovation.  This outcome-based program integrates research, analytics, learning, discussion, reflection, and real-world examples, so leaders learn how to create and sustain cultures where people thrive.


  • Improve retention and reduce hiring expenses
  • Establish your brand as an employer of choice
  • Attract talented team members
  • Achieve sustainable results
  • Increase creativity and innovation
  • Improve well-being across the organization

Why Clients Choose

“After completing the Organizational Culture Development program, each department had a mission they focused on, now we talk and live the mission together. It is clearer and more consistent message for our donors.”

Valued Client, Vice President of Donor Relations
unique approach

Leveraging data, research, reflection, and active learning, we meet clients where they are and support them as we work collaboratively to create a vision for the future.

customized Design

Our clients value how we bring deep industry and organizational expertise to design a culture development program that meets their specific needs.

Transformational Results

We have partnered with clients across industries to lead cultural transformations that achieve measurable outcomes and sustain the test of time.

Program Design


Baseline and follow-up culture assessments to measure growth.

Focus Group

Identify key themes and share qualitative findings.


Data reporting and analysis to understand the current state.

Interactive Sessions

A series of virtual or live Master Facilitator sessions to allow for participants to learn, practice, grow and design a thriving culture.

What Clients Say

“We see the work we do with donors or community projects as a product of the entire foundation, not just an individual. Our ownership and engagement has dramatically improved. The Culture Development program gave us a shared language for enhancing our culture.”

Valued Nonprofit client

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