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Diane Egbers Featured in Thrive Global


January 6, 2023

Preparing for the Future of Work

Thrive Global recently interviewed our founder and CEO, Diane Egbers, for an article about how leaders can prepare themselves and their organizations for the future of work.  We encourage you to read the full article to learn how the future of work is changing.  Here are just three highlights we would like to share that may help you as you enter 2023:

  1. A gap exists between employee and employer expectations. Generations entering the workforce now view life and work as more of an integration than segmented or balanced. This means that more people are expecting flexibility in when and how they work.  Opportunities to personalize benefits and earn a variety of non-traditional advancement opportunities are also important to attract the best talent.  Employers who actively seek to close the gap between employer and employee expectations will retain high potential employees.  Read the details here.
  2. We can shift perspectives toward optimism.  Instead of viewing change as negative, successful leaders focus on transformational change and view it as an opportunity to improve connections.  Leaders who connect their organizations to make a larger impact and focus on service, will attract talented employees and generate sustainable success.
  3. There are five trends for the future of work.  Retaining high potential employees, creating adaptive business cultures, becoming more creative in recruiting, work/life integration and flexibility, along with networking beyond boundaries are five areas where leaders directly influence the trajectory of their organization’s success.  Trusting in your abilities and developing a plan to grow in each area is a great place to begin the new year.

Throughout the interview, Diane focuses on relationships and networking beyond boundaries which is core to our Leadership Excelleration philosophy.  As this new year begins, we hope you take the time to reflect and invest in developing yourself and your teams for whatever the future of work may hold.