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Why Should You Enlist the Help of an Executive Coach?

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now.

Industry is struggling. Supply chain issues persist, and many manufacturers are struggling to source critical equipment. Unemployment in the US continues to be very low, and job mobility is high. It’s hard to find employees, and easy to lose them as key employees see plenty of other opportunities with good pay, competitive benefits, and flexible hours. Gas prices are soaring, ranging between $4 and $7 a gallon, an 8% gain year over year. The war in Ukraine will impact the global wheat crop, which will drive up the price of food, achieving levels of inflation that could rival the 1980s. People are not feeling comfortable with the state of the world right now, and it’s impacting all of our businesses and our leaders.

Despite this—even as business leaders are faced with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity—business leaders are finding reason to be hopeful. Leaders are more aware of employee wellbeing and finding better ways to help their employees achieve a work/life balance. Leaders are finding creative ways to approach problems. They are identifying opportunities they may have overlooked in the past. Leaders are rising to the challenge. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t overwhelmed with the effort. In many cases, there’s a clear situation of crisis detour – where they move away from one crisis, simply to deal with the next one.

Leaders absolutely need support right now—if nothing more than to help them to focus and be strategic, to reach a state of momentum where production, performance, and profitability are strong.

In some way, leaders walk into work every day with the goal of figuring out how to be the best version of themselves, the best leader. An executive coach is an excellent way to support that goal.

Employing the help of an executive coach is the most accelerated way to develop talent and create a leadership pipeline, getting the right people in the right roles to help build the momentum that may have been lost over the past two years. Finding the right executive coach takes time. Fit is important, as is making sure they have the right skills, experience, and background that can really support the unique challenges your leaders are facing.

Recently, we were working with an executive who was transitioning to a CEO role. Much of our conversations were about staying strategic and really thinking through the transition, because how you manage and conduct yourself as a leader sets the tone and the culture for the entire organization. As a leader in a transition, it was important for her to be calm, cool, and collected, even when she wasn’t really feeling it, so we worked together to implement ways to project a sense of being calm and capable.

Another common area that we frequently work through with emerging executive leaders is the art of listening. They can look like they’re listening, but they’re often not. They’re thinking about needing a plan or an agenda, being equipped to deliver the right messages on demand, and projecting the idea that they know what they’re doing. These common worries can keep leaders from deeply listening to vital nuances from key stakeholders that may be critical to understand in a new role.

Ultimately, the goal of an executive coach is to help leaders achieve the right outcomes. At the end of the day, every business is driven by performance, profitability, and its bottom line. Leaders achieve success by being more effective in building strategic relationships, more effective in developing and managing talent, more committed to developing an inclusive culture.

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