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What You Can Do Now To Nurture Workplace Wellbeing

There’s No “I” in Wellness…Or is There?

Every team has formal and informal leaders. But it is important to know what you can do now to nurture workplace wellbeing.

Formal and informal leader roles are clearly evident in team sports, specifically football. Take the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers of the 1980s. They are still recognized as one of sports greatest dynasties. They used a recipe that has been oft imitated since then. The organization provided the best training facilities and equipment. A visionary coach, Bill Walsh was hired. He instituted disciplined training and practices and designed strategic plans of attack for upcoming opponents. He also set the tone for the season by identifying realistic goals and a path to achieve.

But then there was the on-field execution. This required leaders on the team. The iconic Joe Montana won four Super Bowls in a nine-year span with the 49ers. He threw 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions in those Super Bowls, and three times won league MVP. With all respect due to Jerry Rice and others, he had a supporting cast as well that helped set culture both on and off the field, not just catch his passes. It took everyone from top to bottom adopting good habits and pushing in the same direction.

Everyday Wellness

In the past few weeks, we’ve shared tools for Wellness Leaders to utilize for the good of the business. In this last post of our series, we share everyday tactics for each of your employees to use daily. Each employee must be held accountable to create a positive environment for us all. All must come together to cultivate a strong, healthy workplace with his or her teammates.

Remind employees to take care of themselves.

Each individual contributes to the workplace well-being through his or her own well-being. Remember to rest and refuel properly. Sugar and caffeine might give a quick, easy jolt, but eating right and sleeping well nourishes far better. For example, a full night’s rest and short breaks, especially from technology, paired with nutritious meals, and ample water will keep employee’s energy high and work efficient. Inevitably this improves workplace morale.

Daily movement is vital for overall wellness.

Providing a company gym or group fitness classes will keep this tactic top-of-mind. If that isn’t possible for your organization, make movement a part of the office culture and in meetings throughout the day to keep tense muscles, eyestrain, and headaches at bay.

Think beyond your/their individual needs.

Next, remind your team (and yourself) to think beyond their individual needs to cultivate a positive working environment in which they and their fellow officemates will thrive. Avoid closing off or shutting down to maintain open communication. Share the importance of staying flexible and cooperative when unexpected changes and conflicting opinions arise. Communicate the internal and external benefits of listening before questioning and keeping an open mind.

Find ways to authentically connect.

Promote authentic connections outside of email to nurture relationships that will increase collaboration and productivity. Host social gatherings and volunteer events to encourage quality relationships.

Personalize the physical workspace.

In addition to the emotional environment, encourage employees to personalize their physical workspace to mitigate stress and showcase their personality. Family pictures, motivational quotes, and meaningful items soothe and comfort. A clutter-free, organized workspace ensures efficiency.

The earlier example brings to mind the old saying, “There’s no “I” in team”. Like the football team, this is especially true when it comes to creating and maintaining a healthy work environment. The Wellness Leader is not the only responsible party. The entire workplace must put forth effort for the betterment of all. It’s no coincidence that there is a “we” in “wellness”. The strongest Wellness Leader will never see success if her team does not follow her lead. Workplace wellness is in your hands, at least for now.

Sharing is Caring

This information will do nobody any good if left in your hands. Take what you’ve learned from this weekly blog series and put it into action today. Share your successes and learnings with us, as workplace wellness is ever-changing and unique to every culture.

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