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Using Cultural Intelligence to Combat a Lack of Community and Inclusion

It is Hard to Hate Up Close

In thinking of Cultural Intelligence, one of the most profound statements I have heard recently was in reference to the lack of community and inclusion in our world. It was in a talk given by Brene’ Brown, and she said, “It is hard to hate up close.” The opposite is also true…”It is easy to connect up close.” For example, think of the last time any of us were at a public event or concert when we experienced the collective connection and goodwill of all the people around us. In those moments we experience what we are truly capable of as a human community as we uniquely seek to belong. 

We Are Stronger Together

As coaches, we have a natural fascination with the leadership required to build inclusive practices inside work communities and how that is based on the fundamental value we all share: we are stronger together.

Recently, I became certified in Cultural Intelligence, or CQ. It can simply be defined as the capacity to work effectively across cultures, contexts, nationalities, and ethnicities. As part of this certification, I’ve become a strong believer that CQ is an essential capability needed to lead in the future of any industry.

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Understanding Cultural Intelligence

To get a quick understanding of CQ we can summarize it into four elements.

Cultural Drive Increasing awareness of similarities and differences among all people based on background, experiences, and ethnicity.

Cultural Knowledge Developing the essential curiosity to learn specifically about all aspects of how people differ:  age, race, socio-economic status, disability, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, mental health, sexual orientation, etc.

Cultural Strategy Planning to grow in awareness, knowledge, and understanding by leveraging curiosity to create new culturally inclusive experiences for yourself, your family and for those you lead.

Cultural Action A commitment to act in situations where awareness, understanding, and curiosity are needed to ensure all people are treated inclusively. 

So How do You Use Cultural Intelligence to Combat a Lack of Community and Inclusion

What the world needs now is more connection and understanding and less judgment and polarization. As leaders, we must accept the responsibility both personally and on behalf of our teams to model and cultivate cultural intelligence and inclusion. 

Any tools to help me advance an inclusive culture?

READ:  Cultural Intelligence and Driven by Difference, by Dr. David Livermore.

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