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How to Use GRIT to Create a High-Performing Culture

GRIT is Everywhere; yet Mysterious

The term GRIT is everywhere in business, education, and healthcare and for good reason. However, the process of using grit to create high performing culture is still somewhat mysterious. If leadership teams can harness the focused determination of each member into a high performing culture, each and every organization would benefit.

Creating a Gritty and High Performing Culture

The best way to develop a gritty culture is to choose leaders with a substantial quotient of grit. Then, develop them to personify the passion and perseverance that are the hallmarks of grit. Consequently, you will see positive results in both the leadership team and ultimately the organization.

Creating the alignment, collaboration, empowerment, and innovation that yields breakthrough results takes preparation and dedication. Leaders must first understand how to become more effective role models of high-performing cultures.

But how do we do this?

Like the example below, we can organize and simplify an effective approach to creating a high-performing culture by thinking in terms of content yielding an outcome; a discipline becoming a result.

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Want to Dive Deeper?

Org-Culture-Development-BrochureFind out how LE can help you use grit to create a high-performing culture.








Curious-er about GRIT?

Check out the HBR article titled: Organizational Grit in the September-October 2018 issue. You can also find the 10 question GRIT assessment in the hard copy version to gauge your GRIT and where you can grow as a leader.