The Credible Leader – Performance

In this episode, Travis Nipper, sits down with Diane Egbers, CEO and Founder of  Leadership Excelleration and co-author of The Ascending Leader, to learn more about the final element of “The Credible Leader”: Performance.

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Diane tackles the complex question of how to measure credibility and how performance is a fundamental test of a leader’s credibility? (1:35)

Diane walks the audience down the path and provides some steps on developing the complex capabilities a leader needs to develop at a strategic, operational, and tactical level. (3:40)

Travis poses the question of what is the “secret sauce” of performance leading to credibility. He asked what is it that these credible leaders do so well. Diane counters that it’s not a “secret sauce”, rather a finely tuned recipe. (5:24)

Diane shares what she sees in organizations related to expectations and understanding what performance and success looks like in a role. (7:27)

Reaching the end of the series on credible leadership, Diane shares what potential missteps that leaders can make and how to avoid them and offer some words of encouragement. (8:55)

Diane gives us three pointers on how we can be actively positive. (6:57)

“We just want to encourage leaders, because we care so much about their success.” (9:44)


Diane Egbers, CEO/Founder, Leadership Excelleration

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