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The Ascending Leader – Enemy 5: Overlooking Stakeholders and Peers

Enemy 5: Overlooking Stakeholders and Peers

Visit virtually any American high school and you will find a complex yet organized culture.  Each individual aspires toward different types of admiration and approval.  It is during this time that many students discover their talents and enter new peer groups.  Some find new a peer group in the classroom, the athletic field, and others through some common interest.  Whatever the reason, it is marvelous to witness the degree to which the students will naturally engage peers and stakeholders in an effort to reach goals of connectedness, popularity, achievement, status, and influence.

Our last entry delved into the enemy of “Misfiring with your Manager” and that we cannot stress enough the importance of having a great relationship between the two of you.  We continue the relationship theme this week as we explore Enemy 5 of the “Seven Enemies of Success for Newly Promoted Leaders.”

Enemy #5: Overlooking Stakeholders and Peers

As we get into the fast-paced work world, something we may begin to overlook the importance of relationships and the insight they provide into the culture of organizations and groups.  Instead, we focus more on lists, gaining knowledge, and attaining a promotion. This can be even more evident in a new role.

“I don’t have time to sit down with all of my peers and key stakeholders now.” Overlooking peers and key stakeholders often happens due to being immersed in the crisis of the day or being pressured by the strategic imperatives given upon hire by a manager.

Leaders think these relationships can wait, not recognizing that peers and key stakeholders have vital information about the leader’s manager, customers, the culture, and the organization. When connected, these individuals will share vital information.

To connect with stakeholders and peers is to allow these individuals not only to contribute to the leader’s learning, but also to advocate for the leader’s success.

Leveraging Relationships

Jim was a highly successful and experienced marketing executive.  He first worked his way up the corporate ladder in consumer package goods Brand Management positions, then leveraged this experience to become Vice President of Marketing at a manufacturer of children’s products and later General Manager of a sporting goods company.  While this was a satisfying career and one that kept his keen intellect challenged, he came to realize that as he rose in the ranks he got further and further away from what he loved: the creative process.

Then, Jim landed the perfect new role as a consultant in the strategic brand/new product positioning arm of a respected advertising agency. There was so much to learn! This was a new industry for him, a new culture and an entirely different way of doing business than he was used to. To succeed, he needed to leverage relationships inside and outside the agency, including his manager (the agency’s President), his clients and, very importantly, his peers.

Strategically Beneficial, Necessary in the Now

The Stakeholder Assessment & Strategy Plan tool will help you start with a best leadership practice — building relationships that will be strategic to your future and beneficial in your current role.  This tool will help you focus your precious time and energy in the most efficient way, while building vital relationships and ultimately helping to maximize your success.

Jim learned valuable lessons from the Stakeholder Assessment & Strategy Plan in The Ascending Leader.  He was able to begin building relationships that span a career and, sometimes, a lifetime.

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