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The Ascending Leader – Enemy 2: Yielding to the Chaos

Enemy 2: Yielding to the Chaos

Previously we discussed Enemy 1 and discovered surprisingly (or, not so surprisingly) that our own stress behaviors sabotage our efforts to connecting and building the relationships that will help us flourish in our new leadership role.  Today, we move on to Enemy 2 of the “Seven Enemies of Success for Newly Promoted Leaders”

Enemy #2: Yield to the Chaos

With so many demands and so little time, is it any wonder that transitioning to a new role feels chaotic?! Yielding to the Chaos occurs when a leader does not allow the time to learn comprehensively about the business and its complexities, and instead becomes consumed by the crisis of the day — day after day. Rather than assessing the needs of the business and allowing essential time for learning before leading, the leader becomes mired in the minutia.

Be Strategic. Be Comprehensive. Build Credibility. Build Success.

Unlike Enemy #1, which challenges us to use introspection, this Enemy requires us to be aware of our environment and what we can learn from it.  The risk in not conquering this Enemy is that you will not be seen as a strategic leader and thus, miss out on opportunities to build credibility and key relationships.

Brad, a newly promoted CFO located in Atlanta, was working through his transition with the support of Susan, the Human Resources Director. Brad was highly intelligent and incredibly talented; however, he had so much more to learn and understand about the culture and individuals he was now leading. While Brad was familiar with the organization, since he had worked there for many years, the CFO responsibilities and his Sr. Executive peers were all new to him.

How Does a New Leader avoid “yielding”?

Brad confirmed his business knowledge and measured his understanding of the areas he would need to focus on by completing the Leader Success Inventory.

In The Ascending Leader we have provided for you this tool so you can make a full accounting of your knowledge and the priorities.  Using the Leadership Success Inventory as your guide to organize and prioritize learning, to avoid becoming overwhelmed.  A prioritized plan to learn before performing reduces the temptation to yield to the chaos and positions you well on the path to success.

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