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The Ascending Leader – Enemy 1: Submitting to the Enemy Within

Enemy 1: Submitting to the Enemy Within

Series:  The Ascending Leader – Seven Enemies of Success for Newly Promoted Leaders

In our previous blog, we introduced you to the problem that many organizations and individuals are facing: Leaders fail in newly promoted roles about 40% of the time.  In these upcoming blog entries, we will highlight individually the “Seven Enemies of Success for Newly Promoted Leaders” and provide some useful insights for each one. We promise it will be a challenging yet enlightening journey.

Enemy #1: YOU…and your stress behaviors!

Recall, we identified the First Enemy of Success is the Enemy Within. Is it not apropos that we must first look within to discover our susceptibility for failure?  In Chapter 1 of The Ascending Leader, we learn that we have to be aware of our own stress behaviors and how to manage them.  It is critical because if you give in to your stress behaviors in a new role, you may inadvertently turn people off or cause people to feel disconnected from you as a leader! This stress behavior seldom inspires others to follow.

What are these stress behaviors?

“So, what I really need to do is manage myself,” said a recent client who was learning to manage the new leader stress behaviors so commonly observed in organizations. They include: knowing it all, isolating oneself, being too aggressive, being out for oneself, repeating old habits, and neglecting well-being.

To conquer the enemy within, leaders need to proactively manage these and other stress behaviors to remove barriers that prevent us from connecting with others and building vital relationships that are essential in a new role.

Help for the Stressed New Leader

In The Ascending Leader you will find strategies and tools to help you identify behaviors and potential skill/capability gaps that could contribute to your derailment. Once recognized, strategies can be identified to overcome stress behaviors to build credibility as well as more resonance in relationships.

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