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Producing a High-Performing Championship Team

March is tournament time and what comes along with it is the time-honored tradition of predicting who will prevail. Over two weeks, we will see the best college basketball has to offer; ultimately crowning a high-performing championship team as victors. While filling out your bracket, remember teams that survive and thrive (or survive and advance as they say in the tournament) from week to week are not always the ones with the best shooting percentages or the greatest talent. What can we learn about our culture and teams from a basketball tournament?

The Right Culture for Winning

Simply put, championship teams have a high-performing culture. They include disciplined leaders (or Coaches) that are focused on more than just scoring the most points.  While putting the ball in the basket is of utmost importance, they understand the importance of a common long-term vision of making it through the bracket. They know by continually developing talent, quickly assessing the opponent, and adjusting their game strategy, they maximize the potential for success. Rallying your team around the organization’s mission is the foundation for building a culture of high performance.  It’s what eventually creates the win.

A Method to the “Madness”

There are many different methodologies for producing a positive culture.  At Leadership Excelleration, we come along side organizations to develop high-performance cultures by focusing on the following:
  • Strategic Alignment – Is everyone on the team aligned to the vision, mission and goals of your organization?
  • Focus & Consistency – Are expectations consistently communicated and does leadership show discipline in leading expectations and sustaining high performance?
  • Inclusion & Engagement – Does the team feel engaged in the purpose of their work and overall goals of the organization?  Do individual players know how their role impacts the entire team?
  • Organizational Agility – How quickly does your team handle and adapt to change in response to the external industry and market environment?

Winning Your Bracket

Most businesses gauge their culture success with employee engagement. If people are showing up and doing their work, they must love being here! In fact, that’s just a very small subset of the work culture.  But, what are the key indicators? Ask yourself these questions:
  • Are you retaining your top talent?
  • Are you consistently obtaining your goals?
  • Is there leadership continuity?
These are all hallmarks of a successful and high performing work culture. If you are answering “yes” to these questions, then you are certainly enjoying the fruits of your success. If the answers are not a strong “yes” and you’re not winning your bracket, then let’s start a conversation.

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