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Meet our Summer Intern from Ohio State University

We are proud to welcome – and for you to meet – our summer intern, Scott Horvath. While Scott is with us, he will be researching and enhancing our coaching and facilitation models, supporting our marketing function, and participating in delivery of our client facilitation. We are looking forward to the learning that will flow in both directions!

Scott Horvath

College: Ohio State University

Major: Business Administration and Economics

Favorite Books: 1984 and Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Favorite Smartphone App: QuizUp

Growing up in Cincinnati, Scott developed the strong midwest work ethic, a consuming curiosity about business, and a client focus. As an accomplished student-athlete at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, Scott worked hard to prepare himself for the rigors of college life in Columbus. He has returned to his hometown for the summer hungry to learn and grow.

When Scott is not studying on campus in Columbus, he is active as a member of theĀ Kappa Sigma Fraternity and the campus Big Data and Analytics Association. He volunteers his time with the Columbus Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Columbus VA Military Heroes. In his leisure time, he stays active with intramural sports and playing guitar.

Scott tells us the best advice he received when he was younger was “my grandpa taught me the value of the phrase – ‘whether you think you can or cannot be successful, you will be right’. It emphasizes the importance of not minimizing your full potential and reinforces the positive effects of being ambitious.”

Scott has set some summer goals. He says, “I want to learn the ‘in’s and out’s’ of high-level consulting. How to properly conduct myself in a client facilitation and be able to successfully position, sell and deliver a service is at the top of my list. I’d like to cover all the bases in my interactions with senior clients as well as how to effectively strategize the business operations.”

Welcome aboard, Scott!