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Making Workplace Wellness a Priority

Stress. The word itself is nearly synonymous with the effect our daily work lives exert on us.  Over time, the stress of the mind exacts both a psychological and physical toll that affects our appearance, concentration, and ability to get quality rest. Without intervention, the overworked businessman or woman succumbs to the pressure and performance deteriorates. It is with this that we realize how important making workplace wellness a priority is.

Parts can Compromise the Whole

In the same way the mind can sicken the body, individual systems or parts of the body can compromise the whole person if left unattended. During World War II, “trench foot” was a common ailment soldiers contracted from exposure to damp and unsanitary conditions. Easily overlooked, it could result in gangrene, amputation, blood poisoning, and death. Either way, the soldier was unable to perform his duty and the overall effort was compromised.
In less grave circumstances, health and wellness has been on the collective minds of American society for years. Among corporate circles, it is arguably one of the biggest trends the past few years. In business terms, we know that wellness goes beyond the gym and begins in the boardroom.  During our lives we will easily spend nearly one-third of our time at work.  One recent study estimated 90,000 hours!  So it’s incumbent on us all to pay attention.
Just like the body’s health and vitality, workplace wellness is often overlooked or assumed. Experience and thorough research clearly demonstrates a direct link between low employee wellbeing with an increase in absenteeism and a decrease in performance and overall activity.

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Focus on Wellness at All Levels

Knowing this, many leaders across the country have refocused their attention on good health at the organizational and individual levels and are now reaping the rewards. In fact, 43% of companies that implemented a workplace wellness program report a reduction in overall healthcare costs.
It’s proven.  The health of your employees affects the overall wellness of your business.  The power and responsibility is in your hands to effect comprehensive change.  As a leader, your employees expect your help and guidance so they can be their best and, in turn, help make your business its very best.  If you haven’t already, you must add “Wellness” before your title of “Leader.”
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