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Enemies of The Ascending Leader

Enemies of The Ascending Leader

Every day, people across the globe are promoted into exciting new roles. A VP of Operations is offered the COO role, starting the following week … a Finance Director takes a VP of Finance role for a new company … a Manager of Nursing is asked to lead a division as the Nursing Director. Sadly, at least one of these three leaders is at risk for failure due to the enemies of the ascending leader according to the data and our coaching experience.

The costs of these failures are immeasurable, in both human and economic terms.  Despite the failure rate and its toll, leaders are typically expected to make important career transitions with little or no support.

A new role is stressful!  You can proactively manage the transition to significantly reduce the risk of failure.  It is imperative to understand why so many promoted leaders fail in new roles and how can you make sure the odds aren’t stacked against you.  We can consider these obstacles the enemies of success in your new role.  There are seven enemies to overcome:

  1. Submitting to the Enemy Within
  2. Yielding to the Chaos
  3. Misreading Culture Cues
  4. Misfiring with Your Manager
  5. Overlooking Stakeholders and Peers
  6. Alienating Your Team
  7. Sub-Optimizing Your Vision and Plan

In these links, you’ll find a glimpse into addressing these seven enemies of success for newly promoted leaders.