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Download Our New Paper: How Leaders Can Support Wellness and Resiliency at Work

Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace

Download the new paper: Prioritizing Wellness in the Workplace

We’ve been thinking a lot about wellness and resiliency in the workplace. Not only is the holiday season a very stressful time, but the world at large is driving a lot of anxiety for many of us, and it’s being reflected in both our personal and work lives. Recently, Diane Egbers, founder and CEO of Leadership Excelleration, discussed strategies for supporting your wellness and resiliency to stress in a podcast. This week, we have a new paper highlighting the same subject. (It’s free. No contact information required to download.)

The paper touches on what you can do as a leader, when times of uncertainty breed stress and anxiety in the workplace. Stress and anxiety can manifest in the workplace in many different ways. For example, what may seem like performance issues or a loss of motivation may actually be rooted in stress and anxiety. Leadership Excelleration’s Leader Wellbeing model approaches wellness and resiliency from four aspects: social wellness, physical wellness, spiritual wellness, and psychological wellness. This paper offers easy-to-implement techniques to help you and your team strengthen your resiliency to stress.

Download the Paper on Wellness and Resiliency in the Workplace


Also, if you missed Diane Egbers’ podcast on wellness and resiliency, you can listen to it here.