Diane Egbers: The Power of Positivity for Leaders

Travis Nipper welcomes back CEO and Founder of Leadership Excelleration, Diane Egbers. In this conversation, we switch gears from The Credible Leader series. We take a moment to get to know Diane a bit better as she shares her professional and personal passions. We also dive deep into a discussion about “The Power of Positivity”, why it is important to you as a leader, and some steps on how you can be more intentional every day with your positivity and influence.

Diane shares what her passion has been over 20+ years of consulting with coaching executives 1:1 and leadership teams as groups. As well as her personal passion, non-profit Grant Us Hope. (1:28)

Travis teases an upcoming guest, Dr. Keith Kline of Grant Us Hope. (3:32) 

Diane talks about leaders’ influence and how they can show up and influence either in a positive direction or not. 4:45 – 

Negativity is the flip side and can lead to bad results. Diane talks about how negativity is actually like a cold virus. We need focus to not fall into the trap. (5:33)

Diane walks us through making positivity more practical and intentionally. Leaders show up as believer dreamers and doers and create momentum in organizations when they choose to be positive. (6:25)

Diane gives us three pointers on how we can be actively positive. (6:57)

“Positivity matters because we as leaders guide, build, and shape the culture of organizations.” (9:19)


Diane Egbers, CEO/Founder, Leadership Excelleration

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