Dave Knox on Predicting the Turn and Leadership Lessons

Leading consultant, speaker, and coach, Dave Knox joins Travis Nipper to talk about Predicting the Turn and Leadership Lessons. Dave shares the experiences he’s had through an intriguing career that he’s had the honor of being a CMO, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a speaker, and a coach. Dave shares his path, the inspiration for his startups, and his bestselling book, Predicting the Turn: The High Stakes Game of Business Between Startups and Blue Chips. Dave also gets us up to speed on what leadership skills he has had to tap in his newest ventures and some unique leadership insights.

Dave shares a timeline of his path from Miami University to P&G to The Brandery and Rockfish and how he fell in love with Cincinnati. (3:01)

Dave talks about the early days of The Brandery and Rockfish and their theories on the entrepreneurship environment in Cincinnati and what they could learn from other hot beds like San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago. (4:15)

Dave details how the early experiences in OTR and his beliefs about the potential of the neighborhood. He makes the connection that other renaissances would take place and talks about how his efforts pivoted to Covington, Kentucky (Kentucky’s third largest city) in a new industry space. Here is the Politico piece he references. (8:47)

Dave shares some of his doubts about Braxton Brewery and its effect on downtown Covington. (9:25)

Dave talks about his “nerd status” as a history buff and the power of place and built environment in building entrepreneurial density. (10:24)

Dave highlights how the concept of 1+1=3 has influenced his decisions to create other startups Rich’s Proper, Parlor on Seventh, and Flying Axes. (11:59)

Dave outlines the acquisition and growth of his latest effort, Nature’s Willow Balm. (14:10)

Dave shares what he learned about leadership over the course of his ventures and how he pulled greatly from his time at P&G and his time in brand management. He relates the most important things he discovered from completing his “personal leadership philosophy” exercise. (18:01)

Dave walks us through how and why he wrote his book, Predicting the Turn during his final year at Rockfish and the accompanying keynote speaker tour that he embarked on. (21:24)

Dave talks about why “chess” is a bad analogy to business and how Predicting the Turn can help with the implications of this. (23:24)

Dave explores how Covid-19 is effecting live events and what he thinks those who are leading well did. He talks about <ECRM> and how they approached it in a unique way. He shares what their outlook is that you should know. (24:19)

Dave share his thoughts on what the future of speaking and in-person events are heading. (24:44)

What do leaders need to do to adapt as we face the pandemic and other changes? How will our work teams look? (27:33)

Dave gives us some tips for teams to use to maintain cohesiveness in this new work environment and which will cost more but pay off better. He explains “great experiences over fancy snacks.” (31:35)

Dave tells us what he is doing post-Rockfish that has his family as his first priority. (33:04)

Dave shares his “leadership mic-drop.” (37:37)


Dave Knox – Brand Builder, Digital Transformation, Venture Investor, and Startup Advisor

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