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Creating a Career Campaign: The Focused Seeker

Creating a Career Campaign

In our first installment of this three-part series on crafting a career campaign, we talked about New Year’s resolutions and how to make them a reality.

Now you are in the game!

With that in mind, we continue our series. Recall that we are focusing these installments on where you may be on your path. There’s something for everyone to learn, but today we concentrate on “The Focused Seeker.”

Which are you?

  1. The Passive Aspirer – I’m NOT in an active job search but have career aspirations. If this is you go back and read Part 1!
  2. The Focused Seeker – I know the job I want, but I need help a creating a campaign to seek it. This post is specifically for you, but check out Part 1 if you missed it!
  3. The Settled and Wondering – I’ve got the job, what now?

These tend to be linear, but don’t discount the other groups if you have “advanced to the next step”. There’s learning in all of these.

Three Strategies if you Know the Job You Want, but Need Help Creating a Campaign to Seek it

Clarify Your Personal and Professional Values

It is important to take a few steps toward the optimal use of your unique strengths at work while not sacrificing the life you want personally. Generate a list of what would be most satisfying and what you would like to avoid. An example I can relate within my own career was choosing to travel only once a month while my children were young. Finding a role that would facilitate this work-life balance was of utmost importance important to me. Another good suggestion is to socialize your list with those who know you best and ask for their input. These simple approaches can serve as a great guide to your next career decision. Ultimately you are seeking to set personal and professional priorities; deciding what is most important to you.

Craft an Interviewing Agenda

In order to convey your agenda about you, it is vital to understand what differentiates you as a candidate for any role. This should hold true regardless of the questions that are asked in an interview. It’s important to be introspective and think about the answers to some key questions. What do you want every employer to know about your character, work ethic, perseverance, and results orientation? What should they know of your ability to build and sustain professional relationships?  Are there qualities that distinguish you from everyone else they will converse with about this role?

Credible research shows that up to 70% of all jobs are not publicly listed and that up to 85% of roles are filled through networking.

Focus on Follow-up Relationship

Relationships are critical in your next steps. Credible research shows that up to 70% of all jobs are not publicly listed and that up to 85% of roles are filled through networking. That means you have to engage and connect with those around you to gain access to the decision maker. If you have an employer of choice, find out who in your network can reach out to this employer on your behalf and provide a spontaneous reference. After the meeting/interview, capture what you think is required and how your attributes match in a well-written follow-up message. Be sure to do this within 24 hours so you will still be fresh in their memory. In crafting the follow-up message, think specifically how you would add value for this employer. Show that you are current, engaged, and helpful by sharing a relevant article, blog post, or book you have enjoyed. Do this regardless of whether you thought the meeting/interview went well or not. Lastly, be patient. Building meaningful new relationships in your network takes time.

Be Focused and in the Game

Remember, in a search for a new role an abundance and learning mindset is essential to conveying the confidence that you will end up just where you are meant to be. Employers will know they can benefit from your talent, dedication, and contribution.

It’s your “big game”, you are the champion of you!  No one else can market your capabilities better than you. So, get off the sidelines and enjoy the action, you deserve to be on a winning team.

Next in the series: The Settled and Wondering – I’ve got the job, what now?

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