Authority Magazine’s Karen Mangia Interviews Diane Egbers On How Employers and Employees Are Reworking Work Together

Computer monitor with the Authority Magazine article highlightedRecently, Leadership Excelleration’s founder and CEO, Diane Egbers, was interviewed by Karen Mangia for Authority Magazine. During the interview, she talked about what she thinks will be the same—and different—about how we work in 10 or 15 years, and the changes that we can expect to see in workforce trends. She discusses how to future-proof your organization by embracing the ambiguity and complexity that will likely continue in our world by adjusting to embrace new challenges as opportunities to create a future to thrive in.  We’re already seeing requirements for adaptations in areas like work/life integration, work location flexibility, expanded and personalized benefits, and non-traditional advancement opportunities. Employers who embrace these shifts will enjoy an advantage in the future as they attempt to attract the next generation of leaders.

Diane also discussed the Great Resignation, why it’s happening, and what businesses can do to retain and attract high-performing talent. Click below to read the complete article.

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