Assess Needed Change – Leader Clarity in the Covid-19 Crisis

In this episode, Travis Nipper, is joined by Diane Egbers, CEO and Founder of  Leadership Excelleration and co-author of The Ascending Leader, to talk about how to assess needed change during the time of crisis. Diane lays out a framework and steps on how to figure out whether you need to make small tweaks or move mountains.

Diane recaps last week’s episode and the concept of clarity in crisis . (1:22)

What are the four elements of gaining clarity?  And how can we gain clarity? Diane encourages everyone to key on the inspiring stories make us really uncomfortable while acknowledging reality in both the short term and long term? (3:17)

Travis notes that stepping out of our comfort zone has gotten suddenly real (7:30)

Diane gives us some thing to think about as we turn our attention to what is needed internal to our organizations so that we can identify what changes are needed. (8:10)

Why is it important to have contingency plans? Diane walks us through the need and some ideas on what you can do. (10:40)

Diane outlines some steps to assess what changes you need to evaluate during the crisis. (12:15)

Diane shares what is inspiring her right now and a message of positivity. She encourages all to participate in being the inspiration. (14:05)


Diane Egbers, CEO/Founder, Leadership Excelleration

Twitter: @DianeEgbers

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