Align Your Team – Leader Clarity in the Covid-19 Crisis

In the final episode for the series, Travis Nipper, is joined by Diane Egbers, CEO and Founder of Leadership Excelleration and co-author of The Ascending Leader, to discuss how to align your team. Diane and Travis tackle big questions. What is the purpose of a leadership team?  What motivates people to change? What is a “burning platform”? and How do we balance the head and heart in calling our team to action? Listen to hear how this is one of the most important time for leaders in our lifetime.

How do we move from certainty and an intuitive comfort level to clarity? We started on a path that has brought us to aligning our team around our imperatives and that is what agile leaders do best. (1:20)

Diane tackles a question from Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft) he posed, asking what really is the purpose of a leadership team? (2:15)

Diane notes the importance of aligning your team to bring clarity, alignment, and intensity and this is the perfect time to leverage those. (2:30)

A discussion of the importance of aligning a team to a plan in order to create momentum. (3:10)

Diane speaks more deeply about intensity and what motivates people to change and what the NFL has done that illustrates this. (3:40)

Travis asks Diane to dig deeper on the concept of a “burning platform”. (6:05)

Diane talks about balancing the head and the heart in constructing a call to action for your team members. (7:20)

What are the three team members need from us as leaders during times of great change and anxiety to keep them from being distracted. (7:40)

Diane wraps up the series on clarity in crisis by pointing out that other than possibly 9/11, there has never been a more important time for leaders in our lifetime. (9:30) 

“We will absolutely have stories to tell about for generations to come about how we survived and how we thrived.” (10:15)


Diane Egbers, CEO/Founder, Leadership Excelleration

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