Acknowledge Reality – Leader Clarity in the Covid-19 Crisis

In this episode, Travis Nipper, is joined by Diane Egbers, CEO and Founder of  Leadership Excelleration and co-author of The Ascending Leader, to chat about how, in such times of upheaval, leaders can acknowledge reality and why is it more important than ever that leaders gain clarity in the current COVID-19 crisis.

Diane sets some context, that this is so much about experience and using the 2008 financial crisis to help guide us through some uncharted waters today as we seek clarity in leading ourselves and our team. (1:33)

What make us really uncomfortable? Diane speaks about the four key elements she will share over the next four weeks. That we as leaders need to do is to not allow the fear of the unknown and the stress that causes to immobilize us. (2:46)

Diane explores why it is so important for leaders to gain clarity now. How can leaders understand the difference between facts and fear and why leaders should avoid TV! (4:28)

What process should leaders follow and why as they are seeking clarity around acknowledge the reality. Diane walks the audience through some pragmatic steps of a reality assessment. (6:40)

Travis poses the question, what is the difference between healthy fear and unhealthy fear. Diane talks about avoid worst case scenario visions and learning why being your own best friend is key. She also shares some strategies to gain perspective. (9:06)

Diane shares what acknowledging reality can mean in varied different industries like health care, for profit businesses, restaurants, or even K-12 education. (13:20)

Diane stress the critical DON’T that leaders CANNOT afford to do art this time and how William Shakespeare’s words remind us of this. (16:45)

Diane provides us a glimpse of the upcoming installments of the series. Assessing the changes needed, acting decisively, and aligning your team. (18:19)

Diane reminds us “It’s clarity that creates confidence, not fear.” (20:04)


Diane Egbers, CEO/Founder, Leadership Excelleration

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