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Abundance Mindset for Leaders: A Field Guide

Why we Need Positivity and an Abundance Mindset NOW!

Have you seen the 24-hour news cycle lately? Almost unavoidably, we are bombarded by news of scandal and controversy. As leaders we strive to maintain positivity and an abundance mindset (vs. the scarcity mindset), but the steady flow of negative messages drains the positive energy, often without our permission. It seems the more we listen to and internalize the negativity – regardless of political affiliation, moral standards, or personal beliefs. The more we struggle to maintain our positive and abundant mindset. It can leave us frustrated and discouraged.

What Does a Positivity and Abundance Mindset Mean?

There has been much written about positivity and the abundance mindset since the concept was popularized nearly 30 years ago by Dr. Covey. Over the years, it has come to represent to me, to the organizations I lead, and to the leaders I coach, something simple yet profound. It is a belief in the most generous, positive, and prosperous outcome. Its profoundness lies in that it literally helps a leader to envision success and see beyond problems to abundant solutions.  If “half of being is believing” – then abundance is for you.

To believe before we see; oh, the power of positivity and abundance!

So how do we as leaders rise above the noise and negativity? First, consider protecting yourself by limiting the amount of time attending to the negative and proactively create strategies daily to uncover the positive within your team that can help you to lead and model with an abundance mindset.  

You can accomplish this with minimal effort and maximum impact by just weaving some simple practices into your interactions. Here’s three ways we can experience the power of positivity and abundance with each interaction every day:

  1. Start every team meeting with positive news.
  2. Insisting on beginning and ending each individual connection with a positive.
  3. Celebrate the moments when the abundance mindset helps you to solve problems in any way.

Research shows that teams that work to increase the ratio of positive interaction versus negative interaction become increasingly and proportionately more productive. Above all, we know that just these simple practices will engender significantly more positive interaction among your team and will help you to lead and inspire!

How can LE help you lead with an abundant mindset?

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