A Path to More Unity and Inclusion at Work 

Diane Egbers joins Travis Nipper to talk about how companies, teams, and individuals can all work together on a path to more unity and inclusion at work.

Diane shares her feelings of sadness about the experiences many have suffered and endured at the hands of others and her desire to seek understanding. She shares her belief that treating others as you would have them treat you is a fundamental way to bring unity in our homes, communities and work places.

Diane talks about her faith and hope in the power of healing and spiritual leadership.

Diane discusses how can you help our leaders to think about fostering more unity and connection from where they are today.
Diane shares that cultural awareness is only possible through assessing bias and learning about gaps called unconscious bias to learn about how our own unique ethnicity, experiences and background  affect our judgment and implicit or implicit bias of others.

Diane shares a recent example, involving a visit to the hospital.

Diane talks about how cultural intelligence is possible through assessing gaps and seeking education and experiences to learn and become more aware of cultural drive, knowledge strategy and action that helps each of to be way more cross culturally competent in each situation.

Diane shares openly the struggle to really listen deeply to understand and be non-judgmental rather than to respond in the moment with my next comment.

Diane tells how listeners can learn more to take one step at a time to shape a path forward.


Diane Egbers, CEO/Founder, Leadership Excelleration

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