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4 Small Ways You Can Be a Servant Leader Now

What Inspires Servant Leadership?

Over that past week, we’ve witnessed the catastrophic effects in the Carolinas of Hurricane Florence. We’ve also been so inspired to see individual Americans as a servant leader travel hundreds – and in some cases, even thousands – of miles to serve and comfort those in need! It’s refreshing, particularly at this moment in time, to see that there is more that unites us than divides us.

Seeing this stirred my thoughts to consider who I am really committing myself to serve, and would I walk a hundred steps or offer a thousand seconds in service of anyone? Would you?

Now is an ideal time to inspire those you lead by acting in service of them. In that spirit, this week, I’m asking you to join me in committing to serve others in the following ways.

  • Lead the way to give to those in the Carolinas this week…

We all can appreciate just how blessed and fortunate we are; to experience being in service of a purpose that unites us as fellow Americans.

  • Listen to your Board, peers, and team just to find one thing you admire in them and share it…

This is one of the ways a servant leader connects and demonstrates he/she is in service of others; expecting nothing in return.

  • Lean in with everyone who serves you, notice one thing you admire in them and share it…

Your landscaper, your banker, the barista, the waitress at your favorite restaurant, your dry-cleaner, or cashier at the grocery store – seeking only to elevate them.

  • Learn something new about each of those around you related to her/his passion…

Recommit to deeply listening to others passions and aspirations to nurture them toward long-term achievement and fulfillment instead of here-and-now shortcuts to growth.

Take the First Step

Leadership equates to influence. And the best part is, there is no secret code. You can unlock the leader within you simply with the perpetual effect of serving others. These small gestures create a better world and help us to keep the servant spirit alive in our organizations.

As leaders, let us take the first step of hundreds or travel that first mile of thousands on the path to inspiring service.

Let LE Help with That First Step

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