The Ascending Leader

Conquer the seven enemies that cause 4 in 10 newly promoted leaders to fail. In The Ascending Leader, after 20 years of experience coaching hundreds of leaders, Diane Egbers and Karen Schenck identify proven strategies to overcome the seven enemies of success that newly promoted leaders face.

The comprehensive guide provides for a smooth and productive transition with practical tools to ensure that critical knowledge is acquired and key relationships are developed. As a result, leaders at all levels are prepared to articulate a compelling vision and focused business plan.

Each chapter addresses one of seven common failures and provides winning strategies and appropriate tools to help readers plan and overcome career limiting obstacles. With attention to these strategies, newly promoted leaders can succeed where 4 in 10 others fail. Entwined throughout the book is the captivating fable of Peter and Max that brings to life the key message of each ensuing chapter.

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