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Client Engagement Project Manager

A dynamic, growing leadership consulting company is seeking a project management professional who enjoys leading a team and managing an office focused on excellent client outcomes.  This role is a career growth opportunity for a tenured project manager on a path to leading business operations.  This person must be passionate about serving clients, developing the capacity of team members, and leading in a high performing culture to be a great fit at Leadership Excelleration. 

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POSITION TITLE:  Client Engagement Project Manager

Company: Leadership Excelleration

Summary: The Client Engagement Project Manager position will lead and engage the team to provide systems and processes to ensure project management excellence for valued clients, partners and constituents in support of a consulting team.  The role also will coordinate internal and external resources to ensure project allocation and quality management of client project outcomes as well as oversee office and office team in support of the mission, vision and goals of the company. 

Critical Success Factors 

  1. Demonstrated passion for serving clients and developing the potential of talented team members

to succeed with client projects.

  1. Share a proven track record of business acumen and experience to lead all aspects of complex, multi-phase client projects from inception to weekly schedule updates and project outcomes. 
  2. Focus on clients in all interactions and model a client-centered team culture as well as coach others to achieve it. 
  3. Add value to the business by analyzing financial performance and offering ideas to diversify and add new client services.
  4. Leverage knowledge of KPI’s to ensure results in all aspects of project performance.
  5. Utilize government contract or large grant experience to support acquiring and successfully managing    multi-year projects. 
  6. Possess project leadership and management experience to oversee and manage large client project deliverables with collaborative assignment of work to the team.
  7. Oversee team performance and ensure smooth and efficient operations. 


Goal Setting

  • Update annual KPI’s with goals and facilitate monthly updates to achieve performance.
  • Provide Monthly updates and weekly priorities with the team to ensure focus, alignment and achievement of client project outcomes.    

Client Relationships

  • Manage proactive relationships with clients, partners, and constituents in support of a consulting team to ensure project objectives and timelines are attained.

Team Leadership

  • Guide and develop team to be part of a positive, professional, high performing culture.
  • Commit to weekly priority updates to align and focus the team to achieve project portfolio goals, objectives and timelines. 
  • Ensure career growth planning is facilitated with individuals and specific strategies on a quarterly basis.
  • Facilitate development coaching and performance reviews to ensure individual growth and engagement.

Proposal Development

  • Collaborate with the Business Development and Marketing Director to support RFP and proposal completion with outline of prospective project details and timelines.
  • Participate in all aspects of client proposals and contracting to support an optimal client engagement experience from inception of projects to completion as a team.


  • Provide client project updates for large, multi-year, multi-phase projects.  
  • Provide team communication to update on project goals and priorities on a monthly basis.
  • Support strategic communication with clients, partners and constituents as requested.

Client Project Management

  • Oversee and guide all project management services for LE clients to include detailed projects for                    individual clients, partners and large contracts.
  • Ensure weekly project updates and dashboard are in place to serve clients with operational excellence.
  • Guide and participate in client project delivery from planning to presentation preparation and follow-up.  

Office Management

  • Manage and guide resources to ensure efficient office operations, IT, supply ordering and administration.
  • Ensure IT and training resources and capabilities are in place for office and remote personnel.
  • Oversee materials and supply ordering and fulfillment on a timely basis for all clients.
  • Develop and manage supply and materials budgets and account for expenses.
  • Coordinate with Controller to provide input on invoicing, accounts payable and receivables.  

Government Contacts

  • Participate on team to effectively complete RFP’s and secure government contracts.
  • Complete RFP contracts and create detailed timelines and project plans to meet contract terms. 


  • Establish balanced KPI’s and ensure data and information reporting capabilities to report on a monthly 

and quarterly basis.


  • Participate in meetings with CEO, contract CFO and Director of Finance to review KPI’s, goals and plans  

to ensure successful results.

  • Develop and provide business and financial reporting to ensure successful project performance.

External Consultant Support

  • Communicate proactively with external partners and consultants to initiate and define projects, assign 

resources and ensure project roles are communicated on a timely basis.


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