The Strength & Spirit of Community


Earlier this month15003448_1255431704529059_1932935188441883240_o, Grant Us Hope was launched.  This non profit organization was formed by family and friends that have been touched by teen suicide; with a mission to raise awareness of mental health issues that our children face.  Grant Us Hope was created from the beautiful and loving spirit of my son, Grant Egbers.


In 2015, we lost Grant.  Yet, through the darkest hours of our lives, we continued to see beacons of light.  That illumination came in the form of words, actions, prayers and support in ways too numerous to list.  It came from our community. 

 Our First Annual Gala Fundraiser on Friday was a culmination of the spirit and strength of those individuals who support our mission and believe in the Grant Us Hope vision.  It’s a community that has set aside the fear that cripples, in order to take action. 

 This community, that we live in, work in and raise our families in, has lifted up our little corner of the world and infused us with their strength & spirit.

 In a season that is dedicated to giving thanks, we are forever grateful.

By lei on November 28, 2016

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