The $5 Gift I Gave to Myself.

The first cold air of the season is always a bitter pill to swallow but there it was greeting me at a late November conference.  As I was rushing to my car, there was a young girl sitting on the cold concrete and our eyes met.  The look on her face pulled me out of my own world for a moment. I took the time to stop and hand her $5.

Gift with christmas tree isolated on white background

It felt good to help and it added a bit of warmth to the day.

Driving away, our eyes met again.  Tears were streaming down her face and she mouthed, “Thank you.”  It was very emotional.  She didn’t appear to be thanking me for the money.  It was more like she was saying, “Thank you for noticing that I exist.”

I had no idea that five dollars would touch me so deeply.  How many times have I missed the opportunity to give of myself or was too busy to be present and aware of the need around me?

As a leader, you can give the gift of giving to your team this holiday season. Giving brings fulfillment and sense of purpose.  Look for opportunities to engage with the community and connect with those in need.

–   Ask your employees for ideas and find out what causes are important to them. They’ll appreciate being included in the process.

–  Create friendly competitions inside the office. Which department can collect the most cans or raise the most funds?

–  Give the gift of time. Form teams that can go out into the community and volunteer or give employees a day off to volunteer.

–  Match the giving. Show you truly value employee financial contributions or time commitments by matching their efforts.

–  Rally behind a cause that aligns with your company’s mission and vision. Make it an annual tradition that your employees will support and be proud of.


‘Tis the season.  Even though it’s fun to receive, giving is where we get the most joy.

Warm holiday wishes to you and your family,



By lei on December 8, 2016

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