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Magic is happening all around us.  From the neonatal nurse staying up late to knit tiny red hats for newborns, teachers giving extra attention to students in the classroom, or the accountant giving up his Saturday to help seniors with their taxes.  These are mission moments.

Mission moments occur when you feel so connected to the mission, vision and goals of your organization that being your best self at work becomes the natural thing to do.  You’re driven to do more!


In last month’s blog, we outlined the four components to a high performing culture within your organization and strategic alignment was first on the list.


Strategic Alignment is when everyone on your team is aligned and focused on the mission,

vision, and goals of your organization.


When strategy is aligned, mission moments occur, the secret ingredient to a successful organization.

In our work, we see leaders sacrifice, coach and develop their teams so that each person can do extraordinary things.  This is only possible when a leader knows that the magic in mission moments doesn’t happen by chance.  It is the product of a dedicated leader’s persistence in the face of all obstacles.

Leaders work diligently to make every team member understand:

•   How each one makes a difference.

•   Why it matters to do your very best.

•   And that each person’s work has meaning.

For everyone in an organization to be aligned to the strategy, the leaders need to act as the conduit. You connect your team to the mission, vision and goals by inspiring them and ensuring the open channels of communication.

1.  Involve the team in setting annual goals based on your strategic plan.

2.  Provide monthly updates on the progress of your goals.

3.  Communicate the organization’s priorities and progress on a monthly basis to ensure optimal alignment and focus.

When leaders clearly articulate and reinforce the value of an organization, people begin to experience the importance of their work to the overall mission.  They realize they’re connected to a larger purpose.

That’s where the magic happens. And that’s when you succeed at building and strengthening the culture to produce extraordinary results.

Do you have a mission moment?

By lei on April 25, 2016

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