Organizational Effectiveness

image6Imagine what could be possible when your organization is operating at peak performance.  LEI Consulting has an outstanding track record of supporting clients who have dramatically improved their organizational effectiveness.  Our projects include organization-wide, division, and departmental initiatives.  We deliver organizational effectiveness engagements with a 90% plus success rate by:

  • Creating system-wide interventions
  • Setting priorities that improve performance
  • Align purpose, vision, culture, goals and team process to achieve results

Ready to TRANSFORM your organization?  LEI Consulting partners with you and your team to assess:

  • Organizational and cultural STRENGTHS/OPPORTUNITIES
  • Leadership PREPAREDNESS to meet the needs of the business
  • ALIGNMENT or gaps in organizational structure
  • Difference between stated mission and actual CUSTOMER SERVICE DELIVERY
  • Opportunities for STREAMLINING core processes for greater efficiency
  • Team and talent CAPACITY to achieve goals

We help your organization build greater CAPACITY to navigate today’s challenges while keeping your team in step with your organization’s vision and VALUES!

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