Leadership isn’t a destination. It’s a journey.

maze-vector_gkwh0xpu_lAll too often when we talk about the qualities of a great leader, someone will inevitably chime in, “you either have it or you don’t.”  There are people that believe leaders are born that way.  Obviously, at LEI, we don’t agree!

Granted, for some it requires a little bit more guidance and hard work, but for all of us, becoming a leader is a journey.  Even if you are born with the necessary attributes, it takes time and experience to hone those qualities.

With our clients, we have the privilege of working with leaders from inception of influence to enterprising executive roles.  We see leaders on their journey and we’ve noticed they have some commonalities.

–  They are always seeking meaning in the work

–  They are focused on the mission, vision and strategy of the organization

–  And as their leadership role progresses and becomes redefined, they continue to have the clarity of their purpose and passion.

As we travel from one career passage to the next, it’s easy to get lost.  We tend to get caught up in the immediate details and often feel overwhelmed, burning ourselves out.


3 strategies to help reinvent your purpose & passion

1.  Find ways to get in touch with the meaning of the work. Spend time with your customers!

2.  In a new role, ask yourself, “How does my sense of purpose need to be redefined?”

3.  And finally, most importantly, seek the meaning of your work that inspires your passion.


Renew your sense of meaning and recover the purpose that fuels your passion to lead and serve.  For each one of us it is different.  Understanding uniquely what drives you will help you sustain and endure whatever lies ahead with a more centered manner and a servant’s heart.

In the book “Centered Leadership” by Joanna Barsh and Johanne Lavoie, they map out five capabilities that leaders journey through in a self-renewing cycle to keep them focused and energized.  At its core, it’s about becoming aware of the mindsets and beliefs that drive us.

Is this a good time for you to come back to center?




By lei on September 22, 2016

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