Leadership Development

image10LEI Consultants have a passion for developing leaders and have considerable expertise in leadership development that includes:

  • Leadership Team Development facilitation
  • Leadership Team Coaching
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Presentations

We work with you to grow leaders with considerable expertise in leadership development disciplines.  As a result, leaders will be equipped to:

  • Become high-potential leaders
  • Succeed with strategy, alignment, and execution in current roles
  • Prepare to succeed at the next level

Are your leaders submerged in the crisis of the day or are they at the helm prepared to lead? We EMPOWER leaders at all levels of management using the following process:

  • Conduct an ASSESSMENT of leadership needs among all stakeholders
  • Develop a CUSTOMIZED leadership series with topics chosen from more than 30 options based on key leadership priorities
  • Create FLEXIBLE learning opportunities for leadership teams at all levels
  • Ensure practical APPLICATION with individual assignments & team projects
  • Encourage individual ACCOUNTABILITY to adopt more effective leadership practices
  • MEASURE success to ensure return on investment

Organizations that THRIVE in the long run are those with skilled leaders at the helm and throughout the ranks.  Great companies DEVELOP great leaders!

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