Focus & Consistency Help Weather the Storm

stormsDuring a recent speaking engagement, I asked my audience if they were the calm or the storm in their office.  As I began to describe the differences of the two, a sinking feeling came over me.  I had just left my own office in the wake of a storm – me!

The storm is when you drive by the office, leaving things on people’s desks, providing little direction and then expecting them to be successful with the chaotic mess left behind.  We’ve all been there.  Our stressed, hurried selves disrupt the consistent workflow.

We’d much prefer to be the calm.  That’s where you find successful results.


As leaders, when we provide focus and consistency for our team, we help eliminate chaos and create a high performing culture.  It’s important to help the team be successful by setting clear expectations, defining roles, clarifying processes, and prioritizing the work.

Employees describe lack of consistency, or the stormy disruption, as chaotic.  We see this in culture assessment scores as consistency measures are often in need of improvement.

It’s no wonder.  We’re getting pulled in multiple directions, the impact of technology is overwhelming us and we have more work than we can fit into a 24-hour day.  Being focused and consistent requires diligence and takes effort.

How can you bring the calm and eliminate chaos in your office?  Start by asking yourself the following questions:

•  Have I set clear expectations?

•  Are there standard operating procedures for the work?

•  What processes need to be improved?

•  How do I help the team focus and prioritize the work?


Be the calm in your office.  If you’re feeling frenzied and chaotic, remember that focus and consistency will help you lead your team in a better way!






By lei on May 20, 2016

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