Leader Assimilation

Did you know that 40+% of Leaders fail in the first 18 months of their new role?  The failure is often due to not have the opportunity to acclimate successfully to what the new role or organization requires.

The Ascending Leader Program (ALP) offers a sequential approach to improve the success rate of leaders who are in new roles.  Capturing the wisdom of best practices from more than 15 years of executive coaching experience, the ALP was created to help leaders proactively address key areas that all too often are inadvertently neglected.  We are thrilled to share this innovative program with you!

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The Ascending Leader Program impact to your Organization:

  • Increased leader success in new roles
  • Improved competitive advantage
  • Reduced risk of turnover and associated costs
  • Enhanced capability of leaders to fully contribute, faster in their new roles


LEI can comprehensively meet all of you assimilation needs!

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