Do Trust & Credibility Get Your Vote?

Suffice to say this election season is like no other we’ve seen in recent history. The character and integrity of each candidate comes under fire daily, and we’re compelled to sit back and watch the drama unfold.

voteI’ve spent an entire career working with, and coaching, executives and leaders. We work on developing diverse capabilities to help them become more effective in their leadership roles. Over the years, I’ve discovered one characteristic that is an absolute deal-breaker if you don’t have it – credibility. Credibility in leaders is what draws people to follow them.

There are four cores of credibility that form the foundation in building trust. This isn’t new thinking, but sometimes (like now) it’s good to revisit the fundamentals.

4 Cores of Credibility:

1.    Integrity, a mix of humility, courage and values. Do they walk the talk and act according to their values?

2.    Intent includes your motive, overall agenda for the end result, and finally, behavior. Are you putting your agenda into action and for the right reasons?

3.   Capabilities is having the skills, knowledge, and style to move the purpose forward. Is your attitude one of confidence and motivating?

4.   Results, past, present and future. The results are either there or they’re not but more importantly, do you seek responsibility in all your outcomes?

For more on credibility and trust, check out Stephen Covey’s ” Speed of Trust.” It’s a great resource that gets my vote when it comes to building strong leaders and successful organizations.




By lei on October 25, 2016

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