Producing a High Performing, Championship Team

March 8, 2016

Here we are in March Madness already!  While filling out your bracket, remember teams that survive and thrive from week to week are not always the ones with the best percentages and the greatest talent. Championship teams have a high performing culture. They include disciplined leaders (or Coaches) that are focused on more than scoring […]

The Self Aware Leader

January 19, 2016

In John Maxwell’s latest book “Intentional Living, Choosing a Life That Matters”, he shares his journey on living a life that matters and outlines some clear steps for how we can all discover our purpose.   “If you want to be significant and live a life that matters, you must add value to others.”   […]

3 Strategies to Create an Attitude of Gratitude

December 17, 2015

This is the season of gratitude. Last month I shared some of the benefits of meditation and how mindfulness is finding it’s way into the workplace. A centered leader has much to offer others on a daily basis. Being mindful also allows us the time to reflect on all that we’re grateful for. And, being […]

You need to disconnect to reconnect.

November 20, 2015

Mindfulness is trending.  It seems almost daily we read about a celebrity’s enlightenment, an inner city school using the practice to focus students and even our federal government funding programs for our veterans dealing with PTSD.  Meditation is moving into the mainstream. In our multitasking, blue screen, technologically driven world, people are craving down time […]

Authentic Power of the Pope

October 20, 2015

Recently, Pope Francis visited the United States and captured the hearts of many Americans. While addressing Congress, he chose to focus on a simple message of tolerance and faith – the “Golden Rule.” It was inspiring to watch this humble figure address the most powerful branch in our country. The Pope has tremendous power and the […]

Engage Employees With a Mission that Matters

September 21, 2015

For six years in a row Google has been rated the #1 place in the world to work. In the New York Times Bestseller “Work Rules!”, author Laszlo Bock provides us with a glimpse inside Google.   We learn that having a workplace with free food and nap pods isn’t what necessarily drives employees, but […]

Enemy 7: Sub-optimizing Your Vision and Plan

February 17, 2015

  A sport that only registers on the radar for most of us once every four years (during the Summer Olympics) is rowing or sculling.  The sport, like many, has all the nuance of fine art and science combined.  The crew spends countless hours refining their stroke, paying close attention to the timing, steps, and […]

Enemy 6: Alienating Your Team

January 16, 2015

  History would readily agree that the inimitable college basketball coach at UCLA, John Wooden, was a great leader.  On his way to the National Basketball Hall of Fame he won 10 NCAA championships while molding young men into successful student athletes as well.  Having passed away in 2010 at age 99, it was what […]

Time to Cherish What’s Most Important

December 29, 2014

          During the holidays, I’ve been thinking of my nephew and how proud I am of his service to his country.  He recently re-upped with the Army and is now on a new tour of duty overseas.  My nephew is a father to a 3-month-old daughter so this comes with great […]

Enemy 5: Overlooking Stakeholders and Peers

December 15, 2014

  Visit virtually any American high school and you will find a complex yet organized culture.  Each individual aspires toward different types of admiration and approval.  It is during this time that many students discover their talents and enter new peer groups.  Some find new a peer group in the classroom, the athletic field, and […]

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