Are you adapting to survive or thrive?

racing-pit-crew-dp-336x280The ground beneath our work world can shift in an instant. As leaders, we need to be ready to change at a rapid rate. Our team has to be agile, able to pivot in a different direction, and be open to adapting. After all, adaptable organizations survive.

There’s adaptability to survive and then there’s adapting to thrive.

Businesses need to adjust focus and stay nimble because change is inevitable.  Adaptability is more than a necessity, it’s the competitive edge that puts you in the lead.

After one of my speaking engagements, a young man came up to me and joked that his real job reminded him of playing football in school. “I keep my head on a swivel and adjust the plays accordingly,” he said.  That’s a very smart approach.

One of the keys to adapting intelligently is to constantly, proactively, scan the external environment and prepare your organization to adapt when shifts in the market, and with your customers, take place.

At LEI Consulting, we talk about engaging teams by aligning them to the overall mission and vision of the work, but we also have to provide a culture where our employees are comfortable when the vision and plans suddenly change.

What does that culture look like? It’s an environment where we invite input and foster different ideas and perspectives. We openly communicate about redirection in vision and explain the reason behind change. In the simplest of terms, it’s where we talk & listen.

Be ready to adapt…

– Scan your external environment and prepare your organization for shifts in the market.

– Have a game plan for organization and talent readiness to rapidly adapt and stay competitive.

– Be in touch with your team and consistently encourage critical thinking and sharing of ideas.

And, don’t just survive – thrive!

By lei on August 25, 2016

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